“At TDVC we understand the start-up community. We have advised start-ups, run start-ups, invested in start-ups and we’ve been successful at it”

TDVC Advantage

At TDVC our approach is to fund and facilitate. When we back a start-up, we are committed to its success. We offer a wealth of in-house expertise.

We provide mentoring and education to project leaders and access to commercial, legal and market advice. We know what is required to take a company to the next level.

What We Look For

TDVC looks for projects that have the potential for significant, early returns, preferably with global scope. We aim to support the ambitious and driven innovators who will define the trends and technology of the future.

Apply For Funding

TDVC is always looking for powerful projects. Due to high volume we have engaged Syndicate Solutions to manage our unsolicited enquiries. Syndicate Solutions provides a valuable resource for entrepreneurs trying to get their project to investment ready stage.




TDVC’s Philosophy

Access to powerful projects, and the ability to pick those projects with strong potential.Attraction of co-investors – foreign, institutional, angel investors and high net worth individuals – through existing business networks, both here.

Our Projects

We collaborate closely with top entrepreneurs to help them develop and enhance their business and professional skills, make fearless, continuous progress towards their goals, and create sustainable, long-term success.

Investor Value

We have a highly-developed business and VC network, both here and overseas. These networks frequently present us with diverse project opportunities.We have a demonstrated track record and capability to identify projects.

We can help you

Our Team

In addition to our extensive start-up and funds management experience, TDVC’s core team have professional backgrounds in the finance, accounting, legal and medical fields, and hold particular experience in software, financial services, health care, bio-tech, mining, sport and recreation and construction.

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